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FAIT: First-Aid Videos

2.99 usd

First app ever with videos that help you treat serious and less serious injuries. Step-by-step walkthrough of first-aid administration for many injuries in case medics can't reach your family in a disaster. FAIT (First-aid Injury Treatment) Videos.This app is not medical training. In no way are we encouraging people to not see a health care provider for serious injuries. This app is designed to help people properly treat small injuries in the home and away from home. It is also designed to help the lay person to do more for an injured person in a time of disaster where medical help may not be available immediately. By downloading, using or allowing someone else to use this app you agree that in no way are the creators, producers, directors, developers or anyone else involved with building of this app responsible for anything that does or could go wrong performing these first-aid and medical procedures.There are certain medical emergencies both trauma induced and just medically induced that we will not be able to treat without the help of immediate hospital care and medical facilities. Some of these cases are strokes, heart attacks, closed head injuries, internal bleeding, massive blood loss. In these cases if we cannot get to a hospital and surgeon all we can do is keep the patient comfortable during this time. Unfortunately there is only so much we can do in the field. This app along with proper training courses will help you to treat more than the lay rescuer has been able to treat in the past.